October 27 - 29, 2022
Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Dr. Camille Valentine

Organizational Development Consultant & Psychologist |Adjunct Professor |Award-Winning Dispute Resolution Practioner-Scholar | Imposter Syndrome Phenomenon Coaching for BIPOC at OD Docs, Inc.

Dr. Camille Valentine is one of the co-founders of OD Doc's, Inc., a global Organizational Development consulting firm who assess, analyze, and maximize the health of organizations to make them more resilient; owner of Valentine Coaching & Consulting specializing in Women’s Wellness Retreats for Impostor Phenomenon Recovery in Black Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC’s). She is an award-winning Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner and master problem solver, who takes evidence-based, people-centered, and dialogic approaches to individual and organizational transformation and change. She partners predominantly with Entrepreneurs/ Neurotic CEO’s, Executives, and HR Managers to drive impactful changes for today, tomorrow, and the global collective future. She enjoys the arts, dancing, painting, modeling, acting, nature, and positive creative expressions of goddess empowerment.

AGenda sessions
Celebrating Your Wins and Acknowledging Each Milestone
2022-10-27, 1:45 PM
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Black Gen Z Workplace Well-being Uncut
2022-10-28, 3:0 PM
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