October 19 - 21, 2023
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Creating Social Justice, Improved Performance, and Increased Happiness for Black Professionals and Students, using the Power of PQ, Positive Intelligence

Oct 20 2023
10:0 AM - 11:20 AM

In today's rapidly changing world, our community faces a unique opportunity and responsibility to come together and make a difference in systems that have persisted for years. This presentation invites leaders, professionals, and students to embrace a life-changing opportunity to create social justice, improve performance, and increase happiness through PQ, Positive Intelligence®. We start with a focus on mental fitness by helping you become your best, most successful, and most powerful you yet! As we change and transform individually, we can change Systems. This is our focus on the 'How'; and we call this strategic initiative, the Better Together Empowerment Series™, and the Living Powerfully Experience™.

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